Kathleen Moodie







Hello, I'm Kathleen. ​ I'm a textiles designer/maker specialising in knitwear. ​ I studied Fashion and Textile Design at University and have a adopted a love of technical design through sewing and, most importantly, machine knitting. I knit, make, craft, design, cut fabric up, sew it back together, clash colours, and break to 'rules' of making so I can bring you bright, colourful, wearable items. ​ I want to make you textiles that are sustainable, comfortable, and bring delight through colour. I aim to be zero waste - so you can wear guilt-free - and create pieces based around the slow fashion ethos. I use waste, recycled, or second-hand yarn where I can, and garments last the distance in design and make. ​ I moved to Edinburgh in 2013, from a small town in Australia. It's a big change and I love it. My travels, love of tunes, and colourful not-quite-matching clothes have all formed the basis of my brand, K.Moods.