Smart Hopewell







Hi I'm Smart, a dyslexic designer, Often, if I'm not plotting to rule the world (lol), I'm based in Edinburgh working running my design company Prayer Pixel, dedicated to bespoke graphics and web design. Within Prayer Pixel I also brew creative projects in music production or live performance, videography for clients or for my own personal projects. I'm very passionate creative projects and helping others like myself to grow in their God given abilities and seeing them face their everday with hope. You can check out my portfolio. Current projects: Prayer Pixel Clothing - Is an encouragement clothing lable made especially for you. We create fashionable clothing to encourage, empower and renew your thinking about yourself and the world around you. - In The Lab - hosted by myself. On this podcast you will find fun and creative conversations with creatives, artists, painters, musicians, youtuber, designers you name it - Rise Series - Is a TV series I am writing, focused on the story of a young dyslexic student called David King, who finds out Dyslexia has given him special abilities. The series follows his journey through life and he battles with His identity and where he fits in -