John Wood





Dalmeny, South Queensferry


I design and make fun and quirky handmade pottery and illustrations. Bold design and a bit of humour are the qualities I'm aiming for. I became hooked on ceramics back in the 80s during my time at Gray’s School of Art when I made large scale sculptural pieces for my degree show. Afterwards, I was lucky enough to work at Highland Stoneware in Lochinver for twelve fun packed years, concentrating on making and decorating high-fired stoneware giftware with an occasional trade fair or ceilidh thrown in. Moving to South Queensferry a few years ago, I started the weebogles range almost by accident when I painted a cat on a jar lid handle instead of recycling the clay. As a result, they’ve spread online and into galleries and craft shops all over Scotland. The name itself comes from a creature in folklore. A bogle is a household spirit whose only purpose is to mystify its human neighbours, which is often the effect they have upon those who see them. All my pieces are thrown on the wheel in white earthenware clay, individually hand-painted, and fired to 1120 degrees after being dipped in a transparent glaze. In addition to the weebogles, I’m currently experimenting with new glazes and shapes for a functional range of ceramics which is great fun! All the best, John