Lucy Batura - Polymorphics







Lucy is an Edinburgh based designer who makes simple geometric objects for people to use and enjoy. She make jewellery, lighting and home décor, she loves not only beauty but also functionality of her objects. Working mostly with wood, her designs are made to expose and highlight the natural beauty of the material. Every single object is unique in shape and colour. She called her project Polymorphics; POLY from Greek means - many, MORPH - form. Inspired by modern architecture, geometry and nature she always finds a lot of inspiration in her surroundings; fascinating shapes, lines, forms, vibrant colours and textures. By using a natural material like wood, she is trying to capture the pure beauty of it and transform it into a contemporary object. She believes that beautiful and functional objects should be affordable and accessible to everyone, she creates pleasing objects for curious people and their every day life. Lucy would like to give people an opportunity to have an unique sculpture at home to enjoy and use it. She is proud to be a woodworking woman and through her work, she would like to encourage more girls to try and learn how to work with wood and change the mentality of this male dominated industry.