Guest Blog: (St) ART - boom fundraising auction by Rachel Arthur

Can creativity do good? This question is something I’ve been working to prove since day one of
boom, our triple stranded organisation which includes boom saloon magazine, boom projects and
the boom room, our creative studio. Together, they act as vehicles to use creativity as a force for
good in our world, opening doors and offering opportunities to those too often overlooked or

The pages of boom saloon work to democratise creativity for good, showcasing talent from a broad
range of environments and removing the barriers of reputation and status too often associated with
artistic endeavours. boom saloon creates a platform to champion any work of talent, no matter
where it comes from; this stance is central to our belief. We do this because we believe the arts
and creative industries should be for all. We believe they have the potential to shape lives and
carve soon-to-be-trodden paths.

boom saloon directly supports the second strand of our organisation, boom projects. Working
largely in underprivileged areas, our projects build upon the concept of Asset Based Community
Development to identify creative talents who could benefit from the nourishment and support of
their skills. We strive to create a lasting legacy, igniting in the next generation such a passion that
they advance their own development alongside our continued support to create a long term
solution out of distressing circumstances. To date, boom projects has worked with 31 young people
from all different backgrounds, all around the world. Together, we have overcome challenges
including forcible displacement, abuse and homelessness to nurture their potential whilst
supporting them to chase their dreams.

This work is further supported by boom’s third and final strand, the boom room – a creative studio
specialising in design, editorial and strategy for good. With capabilities in graphic design, brand
identity, print/ digital advertising, publishing and brand strategy, the boom room collaborates with
clients around the world who share our passion and purpose to fulfil briefs with intelligence and
originality whilst simultaneously doing good.

Having created a strong foundation, we’re now preparing to take boom’s next steps – and we’d
love for you to be a part of this. We have ambitious plans for our next boom project, which will use
filmmaking to give a voice to the overlooked and underrepresented communities of Berlin. The fifth
issue of boom saloon will seek out even more talented contributors than ever before, shining a light
on the underground talents often not afforded such recognition. It’s a bold next step, but one we’re
very much ready to take.

To support this, we’re holding our first ever fundraising auction and we’d love for you to come
along. Taking place on May 9th at The Pitt in Edinburgh, the auction will raise funds for our next
boom project whilst also supporting us to continue our work to democratise creativity for good and
split profits raised on the night with the artists involved.

We'll be auctioning off a selection of prints from issues 1-3 of boom saloon, alongside original
artworks and exclusive experiences. These include the opportunity to design your own neon with
Solas Neon, spend the day in PYRUS's Victorian walled flower garden cutting blooms and enjoy a
personalised sign writing workshop with Thomas Paints. Our lots start at £20 and each include a
printed thank you for supporting us to democratise creativity for good in issue five of boom saloon
and a credit in the films of boom project 003: Match Cut, which will use film to give a voice to
the overlooked and underrepresented communities of Berlin.

Our full auction catalogue can be seen here; if you're unable to make it along on the night,
absentee bids can be submitted in advance here. Finally, free event tickets are available here. Our
auction is very much open to all so please bring friends and family.
We're really looking forward to starting something special with this event – I hope you can be a part
of it!