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Opp: A Cultural Strategy for Scotland [ Consultation ]

Following a Scottish Government commitment to develop A Culture Strategy, we want to hear from you about whether you think the draft strategy presents a firm foundation for sustaining culture? Scotland’s rich and varied culture, heritage, landscapes, languages, traditions and creativity are collectively one of the country’s greatest strengths. Scotland has an enduring world-wide reputation as a centre for ideas, learning, education, creativity and innovation. Culture reflects the past; challenges the present and shapes the future. Following a Scottish Government commitment to develop A Culture Strategy for Scotland, early engagement with individuals, artists and creative producers, communities and organisations during 2017 asked what matters most to people about culture in Scotland and what they thought the priorities for supporting culture are over the next decade. Why We Are Consulting? The draft Culture Strategy for Scotland builds on the feedback gathered during the engagement phase and sets out a Vision supported by a set of ambitions, aims and actions. The draft strategy commits to long term change through greater collaboration and integration across culture, communities and policy development to ensure that culture’s empowering and transformative power can be experienced by everyone. We want to hear from you about whether you think the draft strategy presents a firm foundation for sustaining culture into the future. We also want to hear about what you think success will look like for the strategy and how you are or can contribute to that success. When the consultation period ends, all responses received will be reviewed by independent analysts and a report will be published that summarises the results of the consultation. All responses received will be published on the Scottish Government website, anonymised where appropriate. The final strategy will reflect the views of contributors gathered throughout the consultation. For further information, please contact or follow the link below >>>

Posted 2 months ago
By Scottish Government

Opp: Paid Writing Opportunity for Bisexual+ Writers

Monstrous Regiment is currently accepting submissions for NEW TESTIMONIALS – the second volume of The Bi-ble: An Anthology of Personal Narratives and Essays about Bisexuality. Following the popularity of volume one, we want to hear more stories and lift more bisexual+ voices.   ABOUT Submissions for this anthology should be non-fiction and themed in some way around bisexuality and your experiences of the identity – in particular, we are interested in exploring under-discussed topics in more depth than we did in Volume One. With this in mind, we would love if you could share this call with disabled bisexual writers, trans or non-binary bisexuals, bisexual writers of colour, bisexuals in underprivileged and developing areas, people who came out in working class areas, polyamorous bisexuals, asexual biromantics and bisexual men. If you don’t see yourself in that list, don’t worry! Everyone is welcome to submit something original. But if you haven’t read volume one before submitting, we strongly urge you to do so or to contact us for a copy of the contents list. SPECIFICATIONS Essays/Creative Non-Fiction: Maximum 3000 words in doc or docx file.  Please send all submissions to: with Bible Submission in the subject line. DEADLINES Submissions close at midnight (GMT) on September 20th 2018. We will confirm receipt of all submissions within two working days and we aim to respond with formal status of each submission within a week from the close of deadline. Due to the popularity – and repetitive nature of some bisexual themes – we strongly suggest getting in touch to flag an idea or discuss the direction of your essay before submitting. Due to time constraints we cannot provide editorial feedback to unsuccessful candidates, but all candidates will be advised of outcome in a timely manner. THE FINE PRINT Standard rate of £50 for pieces, or £30 for a piece under 1500 words.  Payment is made within 30 days of publication and we aim to print in late-November. We do not accept simultaneous submissions. Monstrous Regiment Publishing will hold first copyrights for successful submissions and contributors will hold the moral rights to be identified as the authors of their individual pieces. 

Posted one month ago
By Monstrous Regiment Publishing

Opp: Bridging the Gap: RED [ Call for Projects ]

Award-winning short documentary initiative Bridging the Gap calls for applications for its new edition Bridging the Gap is one of the leading documentary new talent initiatives in the UK, offering intensive training, a cash budget, and the chance of international distribution for short documentary films made by up-and-coming talents. The call is NOW OPEN for this year’s Bridging the Gap and we are inviting Scotland and Northern Ireland based filmmakers to respond to the theme RED. We see this as a challenge for applicants to define and redefine red through ideas, characters and stories. We want you to surprise us with submissions that embrace the scope of the theme and subvert expectations in terms of form and content. Up to 12 ideas will be short-listed on the basis of the proposal and supporting visual materials. In the following weeks they will be developed and honed further through workshops run by international filmmakers and leading industry professionals. The 12 projects will then be pitched to a panel of experts, who will commission the final films. As well as a cash budget of up to 8K (plus in-kind production and distribution support) the selected filmmakers will receive further training and mentoring over six months to create vibrant contemporary stories. The films are intended for distribution in cinemas and festivals and to be delivered by May 2019. Bridging the Gap will also present inspiration workshops across Scotland and Northern Ireland this September to encourage applications and meet new talents, as well as a series of public documentary masterclasses in Edinburgh, highlights of which will be available online for the benefit of the wider filmmaking community. Check our website for more information on Bridging the Gap, Inspiration Workshops and Masterclasses! For further information, please contact or follow the link below >>>

Posted 28 days ago
By Scottish Documentary Institute (SDI)

Opp: GRADJOB [ Open Call ]

GRADJOB is a collaboratively produced learning and networking residency programme which aims to support eight recent graduates across eight months. GRADJOB aims to reach graduates working across a range of disciplines and varied artistic approaches, across Scotland to build a useful graduate resource. The programme will begin in October 2018 and the curriculum will be based around six intensive weekend gatherings. These sessions will focus on the graduate needs within Scotland today. The eight selected residents will work collaboratively to develop the content of the programme along with invited educators, artists and organisations through workshops, publications, discussions, meals, screenings, events and trips. Each GRADJOB participant will bring forward their own ideas about the needs and desires of graduates post creative education and will actively contribute to the programmes design and delivery across the eight months. For more information and to apply, please follow the link below >>>

Posted 28 days ago
By Embassy Gallery

Opp: CuratorSpace Artist Bursary

CuratorSpace have launched a new bursary for artists to develop new artworks, projects, or products. One bursary of £500 will be awarded every 3 months. Bursaries are only available to artists with a CuratorSpace Artist subcription. Artists can apply from anywhere in the world. Applications are accepted from a range of practice including drawing, painting, sculpture, illustration, photography, film, video, applied art, live art, etc. Funds can be used towards the production of new works, research and development, events, and/or exhibitions. Students are eligible to apply. However, funds cannot be used towards payment for a programme of study. The deadline for applications is 30th September 2018. A decision will be made within 4 weeks of the deadline and all applicants will be informed of the outcome. Activity should not begin before a decision has been made and activity should take place within 6 months of the bursary being awarded. Applications will be judged against the following criteria. Please use these as a guide for writing your proposal: Originality of approach Relevance to practice Feasibility of activity Clear objectives and project timeline For further information, please follow the link below >>>

Posted one month ago
By CuratorSpace

Opp: Magazine call for Submissions - Prose, Poetry & Art

Call for Submissions to Pushing Out the Boat (magazine) for their next edition (Issue 15), aiming for publication of the magazine in spring 2019. Submissions welcome from Sunday 1st July 2018. Pushing Out the Boat (POTB), North-East Scotland’s Magazine of New Writing and the Visual Arts invites submissions for their next edition (issue 15) from Sunday 1st July 2018 (deadline 30 September 2018). POTB is keen to receive submissions worldwide from ages 12 and up within three categories: prose, poetry and artwork. For more info please see website: The Pushing Out the Boat team look forward to receiving entries and we wish you good luck! For further information, please contact (Lisa McCormick), or follow the link below >>>

Posted 2 months ago
By Pushing Out The Boat (Magazine)

Opp: Understanding Scotland's Blackness [ BAME/BME/POC ARTISTS! ]

2D based identity work required by people identifying as Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic for exhibition at Summerhall, November-December. Historic Environment Scotland is bringing the Visible Girls exhibition to Edinburgh, situated at Summerhall during November and December as part of their wider exhibition Invisible Spaces. Invisible Spaces is an exhibition looking at identity within Scotland today, and asks the question of how can the spaces in Scotland reflect identities? The original photographic series, Visible Girls by Anita Corbin portrayed the search for identity; the street-level self that was part of a tribe bonded by music, fashion and politics. 36 years later, Corbin’s Visible Girls: Revisited has called those original Girls back together, viewing those changed women through a modern lens. As part of the Africa in Motion Film festival, and organised by the collective Understanding Scotland’s Blackness, we seek submissions of 2D work from the BAME community that documents their identity within Scotland. We would like to emphasise the importance of spaces rather than faces (portraiture) within this exhibition – but this does not have to be a mutually exclusive factor. The exhibition will be mainly photographic but other mediums are also welcomed. Photographs could show; bedrooms, buildings, street art, educational spaces, and with any sort of theme (political/personal etc.). This exhibition is part of the Year of Young People 2018, so applications are welcomed from those 26 and under. We understand the importance to promote, as well as document the experience of people of colour in Scotland. Submissions will be used to create a specific BAME group exhibition that will sit within Invisible Spaces, alongside the work of other groups/collectives and individual artists. Please send submissions and any questions to, and include INVISIBLE SPACES in the subject. Understanding Scotland’s Blackness: For further information, please contact (,

Posted one month ago
By Understanding Scotland's Blackness

Opp: Blueprint 12 at Glasgow Film Theatre

Submissions are invited for the December 2018 programme of Blueprint - Scottish Independent Shorts. Date to be confirmed. Blueprint - Scottish Independent Shorts is the most successful project of its kind in Scotland. It is dedicated to supporting truly independent film makers. It is a quarterly programme to promote truly independent film makers working in Scotland. It is seeking submissions for its December 2018 programme presented at Glasgow Film Theatre, in association with Glasgow Short Film Festival. Blueprint seeks to encourage the production and reception of grassroots film culture by providing a regular world class exhibition space. Short independent film is a legitimate part of film culture. Blueprint also promotes collaborative theories of film production and explores film across all its creative departments. Submissions are invited from all of Scotland for the December 2018 programme (date/time to be confirmed). Please refer to the full submissions guidelines on the Facebook page: Blueprint - Scottish Independent Shorts promotes Scottish filmmakers over Scottish films, therefore submissions from any Head of Department are welcome and films made in overseas territories are eligible. All films in this programme will compete for the annual Hilton Earl Memorial Award - an audience award for the the best Blueprint - Scottish Independent Shorts film of the year. This annual award will be presented on the closing night of the Glasgow Short Film Festival 2019. The award is supported by a £500 kit hire package courtesy of 24-7 Scotland. For further information, follow the link below >>>

Posted one month ago
By Blueprint - Scottish Independent Cinema

Opp: LOEWE Craft Prize 2019 [ Submissions Open ]

In 2016, the LOEWE FOUNDATION launched the international annual LOEWE Craft Prize to showcase and celebrate newness, excellence and artistic merit in modern craftsmanship. Aiming to acknowledge the importance of craft in today’s culture and recognise artisans whose talent, vision and will to innovate will set a standard for the future, LOEWE Creative Director Jonathan Anderson conceived the initiative inspired by LOEWE’s beginnings as a craft cooperative in 1846. ‘Craft is the essence of LOEWE. As a house, we are about craft in the purest sense of the word. That is where our modernity lies, and it will always be relevant,’ Anderson has stated. British ceramist Jennifer Lee was selected as the winner of the 2018 edition among 30 finalists from close to 2,000 submissions representing over 80 countries on five continents The LOEWE Craft Prize seeks to acknowledge and support international artisans of any age (over 18) or gender who demonstrate an exceptional ability to create objects of superior aesthetic value. By identifying work that reinterprets existing knowledge to make it relevant today while reflecting its maker’s personal language and distinct hand, the LOEWE FOUNDATION aims to highlight the continuing contribution of craft to the culture of our time. For more information about the prize and how to enter, please follow the link below >>>

Posted one month ago
By LOEWE Foundation

Opp: Young Composer Award [ open for entries ]

Opportunity for young composers aged 16 - 25 to win £500 and a premiere performance at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival 2019. It is not necessary for the composer to be a clarsach player. The Young Composer Award is an annual competition based award issued by The Clarsach Society. Composers aged between 16 & 25 years of age are invited to present an original piece of music lasting no longer than 10, and no less than 8 minutes, suitable for: a) Solo Clarsach/Non-pedal harp b) Clarsach/Non-pedal harp and up to 3 other instruments and/or voices The award is £500 plus a premiere performance at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival. For further information and to enter, follow the link below >>>

Posted 2 months ago
By The Clarsach Society

Opp: Young Product Designer Of The Year Competition

Do you have the next great bestselling product? To celebrate Scotland’s Year of Young People, we are inviting creative individuals between the ages of 16 and 25 to present their most innovative and exciting product design ideas to the Scottish Design Exchange. Categories we are looking for include furniture and homeware, art, craft and gifts, health and beauty, and fashion, jewellery, and textiles. We want you to be as creative as possible; think outside the box and present your most innovative ideas. The winner will receive £1000 cash towards developing their product, plus 12 months commission-free retail space to sell the winning product at the Scottish Design Exchange stores in Edinburgh and Glasgow, plus our new online store, and support with marketing and manufacturing, The runner-up will receive £200 cash towards developing their product, plus 12 months commission-free sales on our new online store. The winner and runner-up will be honoured at a launch event and awards ceremony in November 2018 in our Edinburgh flagship. The competition will be judged by a panel of experts, including Jill Murphy, Mike Stevenson (Thinktastic), Evelyn MacDonald (Scottish Edge), Kristen Hunter (Whisky Frames), Lynzi Leroy (Scottish Design Exchange, E-VR), Judith Wright (Scottish Design Exchange) and Sylvia Douglas (MsMissMrs). We are now accepting entries for our inaugural product design competition. To apply, please read through the terms and conditions, then fill in the application form with as much detail as possible, and write no more than one side of A4 describing why you should be considered for the award. Email the form and the document, along with any supporting images or sketches (recommended) to The deadline for all applications is Monday 1st November 2018.

Posted one month ago
By Scottish Design Exchange

Opp: Musicians / Artists / Writers [ Call Out ]

MUSICIANS / ARTISTS / WRITERS CALL OUT We are curating a compilation of songs, writing and artwork based around extinction to mark Remembrance Day for Lost Species, November 30th. We are curating a compilation of songs, writing and artwork based around extinction to mark Remembrance Day for Lost Species, November 30th. You can find out more about that at the following link, but please note we are organising this event separately, and if you have any questions about our call-out, they will not be able to answer them! Email us instead! We plan to put together a 'zine containing a d/l code, so we don't generate any unnecessary plastic, and for this, we're seeking non-human-creature-themed songs, writing and artwork. We would like people to creatively engage with the theme of extinction, so your creation could be on any creature who is already extinct or at severe threat of extinction. This year, the featured species is the Steller's Sea Cow, which was made extinct 250 years ago. Therefore, all proceeds will go to Sea Shepherd UK, a marine conservation charity. There will be a live event in Glasgow as well, follow our FB event page for more details! For further information, please follow the link below >>>

Posted one month ago
By Sonically Depicting

Opp: Year of Young People Skills Share Event

Call for proposals for Creative Scotland Year of Young People skills share event for arts practitioners and organisations working in creative learning, participatory arts and with young people.

Posted 10 months ago
By Creative Scotland Creative Learning

Opp: The John Byrne Award 2017 - Open for entries!

Call for entries to The John Byrne Award 2017. We are looking for works of visual art, music, video & writing from 16-25 year olds living in Scotland. Deadline midnight 31/1/18

Posted 10 months ago
By The John Byrne Award

Opp: The John Byrne Award, November Prize

Call for entries to The John Byrne Award's monthly prize draw. We are looking for works of visual art, music, video & writing from 16-25 year olds living in Scotland. Deadline midnight 30/11/17

Posted 10 months ago
By The John Byrne Award

Opp: Power Up Scotland [ Loan Investment & Business Development Mentoring ]

Power Up Scotland offers up to £50k loan investment plus business development mentoring to early stage social ventures. Attached is some info for sharing: · Power Up Scotland: flyer about the programme with weblink where people can complete an online Expression of Interest form · Timeline for the programme · Word version of the info which can be edited as required and included in e-bulletins etc If people would like more info please email or

Posted 9 months ago
By Big Issue Investment Scotland

Deadline 12 December 2018

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Opp: Connect with Creative students!

At Co & Co we connect designers, artists, photographers, filmmakers, musicians and more with those who need work done. If you have a commission, project, or competition that you would like to share with our creatives visit All the jobs posted to Co & Co will be accessed by thousands of our students and future graduates. We will ensure that your task (logo design, branding, filming, photoshoot, page layout etc.) will be matched with a suitable creative.

Posted 8 months ago
By Co & Co

Opp: Shared Workshop

We are an Edinburgh startup building a marketplace platform for workshops. Wether you have extra space you would like to make money from or you would like to book space on a flexible basis, this could be for you. We are asked for feedback via pre-registrations through our holding page - Any responses would be much appreciated!

Posted 4 months ago
By Occupyd

Opp: Scottish-European Growth Co-Investment Programme [ Funding ]

The Scottish Government has made funding available to Scottish Enterprise under the Scottish Growth Scheme - This opens in a new window. This will allow Scottish Enterprise to enter into an innovative partnership with the European Investment Fund - This opens in a new window to create the Scottish-European Growth Co-Investment Programme. The Scottish-European Growth Co-Investment Programme is suitable for businesses in all areas of Scotland looking for equity investment to meet their growth ambitions. Commercially-viable businesses that have an established operating base in Scotland would be eligible to apply for this fund. Under this partnership, eligible companies will have access to £50 million from Scottish Enterprise and £50 million from the European Investment Fund, which will leverage at least £100 million from private sector fund managers. The aim of this fund is to increase the availability of later stage equity investment available to Scottish SMEs. For more

Posted 3 months ago
By Scottish Enterprise

Opp: Lighting in Edinburgh

The 'Scottish Lighting Network', are forming a network in Scotland for anyone interested in light and lighting to collaborate, discuss, request services and generally geek out on lighting. Architects, design & build companies, product designers, lighting designers, theatre/set designers, artists and anyone else interested in light, lighting and space in are all welcome. Promotion of events involving light / lighting are encouraged. Networking of members to help each other is encouraged.

Posted one year ago
By Scottish Lighting Network

Opp: Join the "Scottish Lighting Network" in Edinburgh

The "Scottish Lighting Network", are forming a network in Scotland for anyone interested in light and lighting to collaborate, discuss, request services and generally geek out on lighting. Architects, design & build companies, product designers, lighting designers, theatre/set designers, artists and anyone else interested in light, lighting and space in are all welcome. Promotion of events involving light / lighting are encouraged. Networking of members to help each other is encouraged.

Posted one year ago
By Scottish Lighting Network

Opp: Artist Residency India

Kalanirvana invites established and emerging artists,photographers, architects, writers, curators, cultural managers, performing artists etc for perusing their artistic exploration and experience Indian Culture, Art and its vibrant heritage to get inspired or to do research. To support the artists from all disciplines KIAR partly sponsor the Selected Residents Artists for city tour , air port pick up and drop and Local transport, cultural tour, workshop and art interaction with local artists. This Residency Program is part of the US-INDIA Cultural Exchange Program and CCC : Commonwealth Culture Cult ( countries of commonwealth nations ). To know more about US-INDIA Cultural Exchange, Benefits. The artists will participate to understand, experience and learn about Indian culture and art and it will be a exchange of culture in true sense during their stay at KIAR Artists Residency. The artists will be able to explore the world famous temple architecture dates back to 6th century till date and various crafts and textiles and hand made fabrics as well a true spiritual Indian culture. There are a lot of important places to explore in terms of art, architecture, craft, culture, heritage, textile, wild life , religious monuments of Hinduism,Jainism,Buddhism and a lot of delicious food and beaches to relax.

Posted 2 months ago
By Kalanirvana

Opp: Digital Promotion For Business Course [ Fully Funded ]

Working with a number of colleges we are offering a fully funded digital skills course to ANY individual in Scotland (16+) We are keen to spread the word further and let Scottish residents and businesses know about this initiative. The online course is free and there are no catches. Hopefully this is something you would like to support and push out through your networks. We are seeing many people register and complete the course, whether they be a Business Manager who wishes to gain the knowledge in modern marketing techniques to better equip their business in this digital age, or a 16 year old who is wanting to gain another certificate to add to their CV prior to entering the workforce. The nationally accredited NCFE Level 2 Digital Promotion for Business course is fully funded – which means you pay nothing – it is completed through Distance Online Learning of approximately 8 weeks and is available to any Adult in Scotland aged 16 and over. The course consists of the following units: Digital Promotion for Business Understanding Search Engine Optimisation for Business Coordinating the use of Digital Media for Business Coordinating Offline and Digital Media for Business Producing Digital Promotional Content for Business Understanding Social Media Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Promotional Activity for Business The online course is easy to use and simple to follow and learning can take place at a learner’s own leisure. So all you need to decide now is whether you are interested in furthering your career, enhancing your job prospects or wish to aid your company in being more profitable There are only 2 key requirements in order to be eligible for the full funding of the course: Learner must be over 16 years of age & Must be a resident of Scotland & have resided within any EU country over the last 3 years To register for the course, it is a simple process. All we require is each learners go ahead and the following details: Full Name Of Each Learner: Contact Email Address of Each learner: Contact Number Of Each Learner: Places and funding are limited and for more information about this offer please visit or telephone 0800 254 50 51 or email

Posted 24 days ago
By Digital Skills Scotland

Opp: Festival Film and Photography Placement

- This year manipulate is recruiting a Festival Film & Photography Placement to play a key role in the delivery of the 2018 Festival’s online marketing campaign, capturing and documenting the festival. This is an opportunity that encourages creativity through images and film. Whilst the applicant will be working closely with the marketing team to produce promotional material, the output is to focus on the development of a unique individual take on the festival, to help nurture an emerging creative style. The applicant will receive: A daily stipend of £20 per day All travel reimbursed Complimentary tickets to performances and screenings during the festival An opportunity to meet and network with the artists and ongoing support from the manipulate team 1-2-1 mentoring sessions with our Festival Photographer Jassy Earl An opportunity to build new contacts in visual theatre, add to your portfolio and gain professional experience within a festival context. We require a couple of hours of your time before and after the festival for inductions and evaluations. During the festival we require you to be available full-time. We will, wherever possible, work around your existing work obligations.

Posted 9 months ago
By Manipulate Festival

Salary 20/day
Deadline 18 December 2019

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