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Job: Project Manager

[ Our Need for a Product Manager ] iCoaching is a startup that is going to disrupt the coaching industry through: • offering a platform that makes it easy for people to find a skilled coach who is a good fit for them, personally, to work with. • offering a free and user-friendly path to becoming a skilled and effective coach. • offering a paradigm for coaching that connects what a coach actually does in a session with how a coachee can live better and work smarter thanks to the piece of coaching. We have done pilot-testing throughout the development of the platform and the creation of the coach training courses and by September the MVP will be complete and ready for beta-testing. We have received a By Design grant for a beta-testing project that will run from September to early 2020. We want to learn as much as we can from this process so that the next iteration of the platform can better meet users’ needs. The person we had contracted to run the beta-testing process can no longer do the work, however, so we are looking for someone new. We hope to get VC funding towards the end of the year, so there is a possibility of a full-time product manager role within the company after the beta-testing project is over. If you are an experienced product-manager yourself, or you know someone who would be right for the role, please contact us at

Posted 13 days ago

Deadline 10 August 2019

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