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Opp: Wanted - Spoken Word, Art, Photography, & More

Easy Does It zine is looking for submissions for its debut issue. A collection of art to inspire when you don't feel like doing it. We've all been in a creative rut. Hell, you might even be in the middle of one just now. Easy Does It, is a new zine that features a hodgepodge, mish-mash of throwaways, finished pieces, art, poetry, doodles, rants and photography to get you out of a rut and back to creating. We all know that one person's rubbish might be another's light bulb. That's why we are requesting your half-done, rejected, crumpled up ideas or even completed ideas you have found to inspire your work. For more information email:

Posted 18 days ago
By Easy Does It

Deadline 26 August 2017

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