Erika Iesse







◀︎◻︎▷ I am an editor and my work focuses on narrative and rhythm. I have a wide experience of the Post Production process and I am familiar with a variety of editing styles. In liaising with clients, I apply analytical thinking and attention to detail to achieve the desired end result. 2017 has been a very exciting year for me as I worked on some seriously fulfilling projects (and it seems there might some more to come). The year started with “Kings of Content” being released, a 45’ documentary I edited which features online content creators of the caliber of OK GO, Danny MacAskill, Rose&Rosie and Colin Furze. I edited some heartwarming adverts like the one for PHA Dementia, some funny idents for Royal Bank of Scotland and I have been across Scotland for a week following the production crew and delivering one advert every day for the interactive campaign #ScotE4 for VisitScotland. And while I was travelling from Perth to Aviemore (loudly singing along to ‘King of the Road’) I got good news that “Change of Heart”, the documentary I have been working on this summer in South Africa, has been selected at the Cape Town Film Festival and it will be screening at the end of October.