Darklight Photography







Darklight Photography aka Laura C Jones is a professional Edinburgh-based portrait photographer. Laura uses her extensive knowledge and experience of professional portrait photography to create personal and bespoke images for business branding, commercial and individual portraits - providing studio and on-location photo shoots. She has worked with a variety of clients, from small creative businesses, charities, to larger organisations including National Trust Scotland, Beltane Fire Society and National Museum Wales. Your Business Your Story Telling the story of you and your business through my Visual Storytelling Collection to capture authentic and natural business branding. The authentic and natural style to my imagery, using only natural light or a simple light source, shows an honest and genuine representation of you and your business. My personal style steers away from over-editing, using my knowledge of over 15 years to create beautifully composed photographs. The simplicity of these images comes from my love of film photography, using this authenticity to photograph the true environment. To find out more about Darklight Photgraphy please visit www.dark-lightphotography.com.