Sam Boyce Writers' Consultancy







I've worked as a literary agent, critic, editor, and most recently as co-founder and leader of the Creative Writing MA at Edinburgh Napier University. In all, I reckon I've helped more than 200 individual writers over the last 25 years. After a decade in academia, I decided to put all this experience together and form Sam Boyce Writers' Consultancy. The consultancy offers fast-track development and support for beginner writers, a full range of editorial services for completed manuscripts, and mentoring for anyone stuck in the middle. I provide resources and help for writers' groups and community writing projects, and give occasional free workshops in Edinburgh. I also design fun, interactive workshops for institutional and corporate clients -- I'm currently delivering a series of bespoke sessions on collaborative writing techniques for the University of Edinburgh's Software Development Community. Although the first half of my career was in London, Edinburgh is definitely home for me now. I love the sheer variety of work I can do here, and am constantly amazed at the volume of creative activity across the city.