Duration: Over 6 months, three 2hr sessions

Working within the creative industries means that we are used to supporting one another through the exchange of contacts, knowledge and best practice.  Peer mentoring seems to be an organic process that we all partake in.However, very few of us formalise this in order to permeate a longer lasting agreement.With over 1,200 members, Creative Edinburgh seems like the ideal place to forge such relationships.

Mentoring can be the missing link between where you are now, and where you want to be.  Meeting someone on a regular basis cangive you guidance and support when facing skills and network gaps.  It can also be highly motivational having someone to informally 'report to' on a bi-monthly basis.

How to access: You can access this programme throughout the year by contacting us at

We will send you a questionnaire which will gather your specific needs in order to match you with the perfect trained mentor, we help arrange the first meeting and voila - it's that easy!

Our Peer Mentoring programme is only open to paying members, if you are not already a paying member, why not upgrade here to access this programme. Whether you are new to the sector or have been nestled in it for a while, everyone can benefit from having a mentor.