68% of creative freelancers in Edinburgh have experienced late or non-payment

4 October 2022

Creative Edinburgh, in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, Creative Informatics and Edinburgh Napier University, has published new research on the experiences of creative freelancers in the city.

The report shows that 68.5% of creative freelancers had experienced late or non-payment, while 55% were not informed of their rights, among other findings. It provides a snapshot of the state and needs of creative freelancers in the Edinburgh region in post-Brexit, post-lockdown 2022.

This report was developed in collaboration with local creative freelance professionals, academic researchers and partnering organisations interested in valuable data relating to the sector, as the activity and growth of the creative sector evolves.

Graphics by Peter Tilley.

Focussed on freelancers and Creative Industry professionals living and working in Scotland, the information collected through this research provides a unique insight into the current status of the local sector, with the effects of Covid-19 and Brexit starting to make an impact.

It raises a number of important issues which will be reported to the Scottish Government, City of Edinburgh Council, Creative Scotland and other stakeholders in view of improving available support and resources.

Read the report here.