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Creative hubs workshop #3: The Future of Creative Hubs

Creative Edinburgh is delighted to be hosting the ECHN Skills Workshop #3, in collaboration with Creative Dundee. Find out more about the workshop and how to apply!

Creative hubs workshop #3

The Future of Creative Hubs

European Creative Hubs Skills Workshop #2 | Thursday 26 - Friday 27 October 2017 | @ Creative Edinburgh & Creative Dundee

EUROPEAN CREATIVE HUBS NETWORK announces its third and final skills workshop for creative hub leaders, taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Consortium partners of the European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN), a project co-funded by the European Commission through the Creative Europe programme, in collaboration with Creative Edinburgh & Creative Dundee, announce a two-day international workshop titled “The Future of Creative Hubs”, to be held in Edinburgh & Dundee on 26-27 October 2017

Creative Edinburgh will be hosting, The ECHN Skills Workshop #3,in collaboration with Creative Dundee. This is the third and final workshop in a series of three workshops which aim to build the professional capacity of creative hub leaders, by developing tailored support and skills development tools.

An open call for participation is currently running for creative hub leaders, with 4 years or more experience of leading a creative hub, from across Europe. The deadline to apply is 23.59PM Tuesday September 12th 2017.

The intention of this workshop is to strengthen creative hub leadership by exploring the future role of creative hubs, looking at forward-planning and strategies for future-proofing. It will also bring together and build a community of hub leaders for peer-learning and ongoing peer-support, exchange and best-practice sharing.

By running this workshop for more experienced hub leaders the European Creative Hubs Network consortium aim to build resilience in a sector that is a key component of future creative economies and foster a strong, connected leadership of creative hubs.

Claire Stewart, Director of Creative Edinburgh said:

“I’m hugely excited about the opportunity to welcome experienced creative hub leaders to Edinburgh, to learn, connect and share experiences.

Our workshop programme will focus on leadership, building valuable new connections and peer learning, and represents an incredible opportunity to connect with hub leaders, share expertise and work together on envisioning the future of the creative hubs sector.”

Gillian Easson, Director of Creative Dundee said:

“We look forward to welcoming creative hub leaders from around Europe to participate in what will be an exciting programme of activity - looking at the future of creative hubs and how leaders respond to future trends, challenges and opportunities. Working with Creative Edinburgh and British Council enables us to create an ambitious schedule of activity and also share our own learning from the successful development of Creative Dundee as a crucial hub for the city.”


We are currently running an open call for participation in this workshop, with the aim of identifying a diverse group of hub leaders from across Europe, who have been running a hub or hubs for at least 4 years and have strategic and decision-making responsibilities.

Interested creative hub leaders should fill in the online application form:

The ECHN team will run a selection process of participants, based on the responses in the application form. In case your application is successful, you will be contacted by British Council staff in order to organise the logistics of your stay in Edinburgh.

The workshop will bring together a compact group of experienced creative hub leaders from across the EU, aiming for a maximum of 25 participants, in order to allow for an effective training atmosphere.

The full workshop agenda will be available and communicated on 6th September 2017.

Draft programme:

  • Thursday 26th October - Main workshop sessions to run approximately 12-5.30pm
  • Friday 27th October - Workshop sessions to run approximately 9.30am-3.00pm
  • Social and supplementary activities and tours will take place at times to be confirmed.

In case that your application to participate is selected, we will be able to cover expenses for one representative of your organisation - accommodation costs and a travel stipend to cover the duration of workshop and activities.

  • accommodation in Edinburgh will be booked for participants by British Council
  • travel stipend towards covering your travel costs organised by yourself - up to 300 Euros- , and to be reimbursed based on provision of boarding passes and invoice.

We would like to mention that due to the nature of the workshop, we cannot accept any extra representatives at the event.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP : The Future of Creative Hubs

Join us at Creative Edinrbugh and Creative Dundee for a bespoke programme for the European Creative Hubs Network, in collaboration with specialists and experts in cultural leadership training and business leadership, The Future of Creative Hubs workshop will focus on building leadership skills and on peer-learning to harness the expertise in the room. Through collaboration, sharing, exchange and discussion of the future trends and issues that will influence the development of creative hubs, we will strengthen links across the community of creative hub leaders for future learning and collaboration.

The workshop will consist of a blended programme of exercises, talks, learning activities and group-work that will give participants the space and tools to effectively plan for the future of their creative hubs, as well as building valuable relationships and practical take-away tools for ongoing support and development after the workshop.

In contrast with the series of large-scale Fora organised by ECHN in Belgrade or Athens, these workshops are small-scale practical meetings (maximum 25 participants) with the objective of efficiently developing and improving the skills of a small groups of creative hub leaders. The workshops should be able to lead to concrete and meaningful learning outcomes, which the participants will be able to cascade, disseminate and put into practice after the workshop, at their local level.


European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN)

The European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN) is a project co-funded by the European Commission through the Creative Europe programme, and led by the British Council in partnership with a consortium of European creative hubs, Bios in Greece, betahaus in Germany, Kulturni Kod/Nova Iskra in Serbia, Creative Edinburgh, Creative Dundee and Roco (Sheffield), in the UK, Factoría Cultural in Spain and the European Business Network (EBN).

ECHN aims to enhance the ecosystem that supports the development and growth of the creative and cultural sector by supporting the subsistence and growth of creative hubs in Europe, creating a community of experienced creative hubs leaders across Europe from a variety of sectors and promoting hubs as innovative models to support the creative economy in Europe.


Creative Edinburgh

As the largest network of creatives in Edinburgh, Creative Edinburgh are committed to advancing the value and impact of creativity- both locally and internationally. Established in 2011, the network has now grown to over 3,500 members from across creative, cultural and tech sectors in Edinburgh.

By connecting our community of talented and ambitious creatives, Creative Edinburgh enable intergenerational and intercultural dialogue and community building. A close diverse network in our city facilitates peer support and advice, igniting working relationships across sectors. Organising events and programmes to help creative individuals and businesses create, collaborate and stay connected at every stage of their careers, Creative Edinburgh also provides mentoring and access to support, and works on a mobile hub approach, opening up creative spaces across the city.


Creative Dundee

Creative Dundee supports creative talent to base, grow and sustain their practice in and around Dundee, by connecting and amplifying the city’s creativity.

Creative Dundee became an organisation in 2013, they lead projects which generate local, national and international opportunities for people and the city – they exist to support the city’s strong creative ecology, showcase the city’s creative scene and increase awareness and understanding of what makes Dundee a fantastic place to live, work, study and visit. They showcase creative people, businesses, events and opportunities, run a programme of events which bring people together to build a common vision and voice for the city, and connect the creatives of Dundee.

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