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Random Collisions make Creative Edinburgh Snap Crackle and Pop!

Let Brownian Motion take over and you will move about, bump into one another and make random collisions that will spark real opportunity.

Brownian Motion. It’s a good metaphor for Creative Edinburgh’s unwritten raison d’etre. For those of you unfamiliar with the term it’s the term for random motion of particles suspended in a fluid resulting from their collision with the quick atoms or molecules in the fluid.

OK, that’s all a bit scientific Pseuds Corner (I was a science undergraduate once upon a time), but it’s very apposite to our work here at Creative Edinburgh. Because, at the core of our belief is the idea that if you put lots of people with very different skills, careers, experiences and needs in a room and let Brownian Motion take over people will move about, bump into one another and make random collisions that will spark real opportunity.

It’s happened for our members time and time again at our many and varied events. But one common theme binds these events together; the chance to network in a non-confrontational environment.

Our bond is that we all earn our crust in the creative industries of Edinburgh. But that industry is as varied as it is large. We impose no rules (other than that we conduct our affairs courteously), no hierarchy (students, graduates, freelancers, sole traders and established businesses are equally welcome) and we abhor elitism.

As a consequence we’re finding that our events are invariably fully subscribed, hotly anticipated and usually great fun. They are a learning environment, an opportunity to showcase our skills and most of all the chance to populate our little black books.

For all this to happen we have to acknowledge the foresight of the City Council’s Economic Development team that has been core funding us for the past three years. Additionally Creative Scotland has given us a number of project grants, one of which helped make this brand new website work in a way that the research they funded told us you wanted.

We do listen. We have to. As a membership organisation it’s our members that have and will forge the path that lies ahead. We hope you contribute as enthusiastically as you attend.

So, see you soon at a Brownian bash in town.

Mark Gorman is Chairman of Creative Edinburgh Board, find out more here. Follow Mark on Linkedin /MarkGorman Twitter / @markagorman

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