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Located within CodeBase Edinburgh, the UK's largest technology incubator, the Creative Floor is home to over 20 creative individuals, businesses and organisations.

The Creative Floor is home to freelancers, support organisations and creative studios ranging across sectors, from design, photography and architecture to PR and creative consultancy.

"The Creative Floor was set up in partnership with Codebase by Janine Matheson – former Creative Edinburgh Director and Head of Codebase Stirling – to provide a space for creative practitioners, businesses and innovators working within the creative industries in Scotland. The members of the floor span a range of disciplines, collaborate and work with the residents of the wider Codebase building fostering connections that allow our city to truly thrive as a creative hub and entrepreneurial capital. We thank Codebase for welcoming us into their space and supporting the creative floor as a tangible/physical statement of support for the creative community. It is through our long-running partnership that we help support the creative ecosystem in Scotland and our nation's capital. With members of the creative floor traversing new realms of practice and at the top of their field, the members echo the wonderful work coming out of the wider community at Codebase." - Briana Pegado - Executive Director of Creative Edinburgh
Owen O Leary
Owen O'Leary

Owen O'Leary is an independent communications consultant specialising in publicising cultural projects, organisations and artists. With 20 years of PR experience, his work supports festivals, arts venues, touring performances and exhibitions. Owen is passionate about working with artists, performers, curators and directors to widen access to cultural experiences. His clients include Craft Scotland, Edinburgh Printmakers, Fruitmarket Gallery and Scottish Dance Theatre.

Sweeneys Bothy Eigg Photo B Niven
The Bothy Project

Bothy Project is a network of small-scale, off-grid art residency spaces in distinct and diverse locations around Scotland, including Eigg and the Cairngorm National Park. Bothy Project offers opportunities to stay, work and study in simple shelters designed to optimise exposure to their unique settings. Their objective is to create platforms for artists and researchers to journey and explore the history, landscape and people in the areas surrounding the bothies. These platforms are established through the creation of purpose built structures made in collaboration with artists, designers and makers to create a varied network of hand-crafted dwellings.

Emer O Leary
Emer O'Leary

Critical to any business is the ability to think imaginatively, generate innovative ideas and come up with creative solutions to problems. Visual thinking is a simple yet powerful tool which allows us to do just that. Emer is a visual facilitator who works with organisations across all sectors who are on the cusp of change and passionate about creative ways of working.

Kieron Calder

Keiron Calder is an independent design consultant and the founder and director of K_N Design Studio. On a mission to craft products, spaces and experiences which cultivate creativity, nurture ideas, delight and inspire, empower and ignite. K_N assists clients with industrial design and interior architecture projects, bringing products and spaces to life. Keiron has consulted on a variety of projects from renewable energy, to furniture design, to interactive theme parks. Working flexibly in collaboration with the best local and global partners in bespoke teams tailored to each unique project. The Studio has developed a specialism in furniture design where industrial design and interior architecture naturally crossover, designing pieces for mass manufacture and bespoke installations.

Local Heroes
Local Heroes

Local Heroes is non-profit curatorial agency connecting audiences with design from Scotland. It is led by design curator and producer Dr Stacey Hunter. Local Heroes puts design from Scotland on an international stage, presenting and promoting Scottish products and industries to the public, with a focus on high-quality design. Through exhibitions and events, we provide unique opportunities for people to appreciate Scotland’s contemporary design landscape. Through commissions, we support designers to develop exciting new work. And by underwriting the cost of materials, production or design time, we encourage playful and experimental approaches to new products which celebrate Scottish design and innovation.

Headless Horse

Headless Horse. a full-service creative studio of accomplished artisans, digital connoisseurs, and brand consultants melding modern and traditional, classical antiquity with contemporary culture. Horsemen have joined forces with world-leading brands and visionaries, such as Nike, Travis Scott and the Late Pavarotti.

Carrie Susan

Carrie Susan Interiors is an interior design practice based in Edinburgh. Servicing both residential and commercial clients, Carrie provides interior design advice and room designs for all sizes of projects. Inspired by the natural world, minimalist cultures and South American colour palettes, Carrie aims to offer practical, affordable and creative solutions.


Embla Interiors is an Edinburgh based design studio offering comprehensive services tailored to your needs.


Billelis is a freelance 3D Illustrator & Art Director specialising in dark visuals and decorative art. He spends countless hours experimenting, learning and expanding his artistic skill set to create a personal style that can be best described as a dark, yet elegant, romantic fusion. He has a keen eye for intricate detail, as well bold contrasting colours, and his work has often been described as hyperreal. Equipped with an overactive imagination, his sketchbook and a perpetual artistic hunger, Billelis aims to be a distinct source of creativity.


For more than 100 years, technology has helped premature babies to survive, but at the same time has put a barrier between parents and their premature babies. BABYBE Medical create family-centred care solutions that improve neurodevelopmental outcomes of neonates by bringing parents and their babies closer together. The BABYBE SYSTEM, brings Heartbeat, breathing motion and sound from the mother to her premature baby, Keeping the baby positively stimulated in the isolated environment of the incubator machine.

Matt Beech

An Edinburgh based commercial photographer specialising in people working mainly in the advertising and marketing sectors. Selected clients include Hendrick’s Gin, Scottish Building Society, & Underbelly.


An Edinburgh-based videographer focusing on filmmaking, editing, cinematography and motion design.

PWP 4449
Akiko Kobayashi

An architect facilitating community-led change in the built environment.

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Creative Edinburgh

Creative Edinburgh unites makers and thinkers across the city. Through events, mentoring and advocacy, Creative Edinburgh brings together and helps grow the city’s creative community, providing a space for innovation, collaboration and connection at every stage of your career.

Martin Baillie

A Dundonian designer based in Edinburgh, with a passion for engaging and effective communication including graphic design, branding and creative direction. Recent projects include Scottish Album of the Year Award, Dunoon Film Festival and Edinburgh Art Festival.

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