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Guest Blog: LOOKLOOK - A Week in the life of a Photo Marketing Agency

Following on from the Creative Edinburgh Awards 2019, we’ll be highlighting those who helped make the night happen with a series of spotlight blogs.

Our Awards are designed with the community at the forefront and give the opportunity to celebrate the nominees and winners, as well as the attendees and participants.

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing the stories of the freelancers, local businesses - new and old - and innovative creative studios who keep Edinburgh’s creative community shining.

This week, you can discover everything about LOOKLOOK, who provided congratulatory GIFs aplenty from the Creative Edinburgh Awards 2019 with their Bullet Time photo booth!

Co-founder Frances Spencer-Barton guest blog shares more about the business with an insight into their recent projects and a snippet of a 'week of the life' of LOOKLOOK.

"A Photo Marketing Agency you say? Yup, not your average, run of the mill photo booth hire company.

We deliver custom photo experiences to brands such as Ralph Lauren and Dr Martens as part of their Experiential Marketing activity. Our products include the industry-leading gif booth - GIFGIF, Bullet time Photo booth which takes 3D, matrix-style photographs and stitches them together to form a GIF and our Video Effects Suite (VFX) which takes MP4 footage and auto applies top of the range editing options. We also work with venues and visitor attractions when they are looking for a gif booth for sale for their own use to have on a permanent basis.

Experiential Marketing is a growing sector of marketing that moves away from transactional interactions with your customers to one based more on experiences. Brands can activate at different places and in different ways such as sampling, at festivals, in commuter locations and pretty much anywhere with high footfall. One of the benefits of experiential is that it can offer a competitive edge and increase brand affinity and loyalty amongst its fans. It’s seen as a way to invigorate the high street in a world of online shopping - think of John Lewis stores where you can apply to stay overnight in the store or host a dinner party in their home section. It is steeped in the belief that Millenials would rather talk about an experience they have taken part in rather than something they have bought.

Hew Leith, CEO at agency 10x, said: "In the new world you create an amazing experience. Not only do you want to get involved in it, you give up your time, get in a queue, wait to do it and then share it online because you are happy to."

Experiential marketing is about brands reaching out to their customers on an emotional level in order to garner life-long customers and retain happy customers.

Where do we fit in?

LOOKLOOK help companies with their experiential marketing strategies by providing a Photo Moment as well as Brand Ambassadors to engage with their audience at a live event.

Our current client list includes Dr Martens, Ralph Lauren, London Dungeons and many more. We have worked with brands from Facebook to Google to Charlotte Tilbury and Mac. Each brief is different, sometimes we work with a client on a very simple event such as a party or a launch and we use one of our off-the-shelf products.

If a brand is looking for something more custom and relevant to their brand or product then they usually brief us with what they require and what their influencers are then our creative team get to work on creating a photo experience with cut-through, relevance and ROI.

Recently we worked with the team at Junk Yard Gold Club, they wanted an immersive photoshoot that really incorporated the style and feel of their brand. We came up with the idea of a wrecking ball ala Myley Cyrus, but on a giant golf ball instead.

Recently we partnered with Creative Edinburgh on their Awards to celebrate the best in the business. We provided our 3D Bullet Time Photo Booth to capture excited guests at the event. What is a bullet time photo booth? The bullet time camera rig utilises 12 cameras that all fire at the same time but from a slightly different angle. When these images are stitched together to form a gif the guest appears in 3D.

Why do we do it?

We are a mix of photographers, marketers and creatives and we know that a live experience is win-win for the customer and for the brand. It’s a fast, ever-changing industry but one we love.

A Week in the life...

Monday - Mondays are for meetings. We are run by a husband and wife team with flexi-time in places for our employees. This means we need to have great communication touch-points in place so we are always up to date, we have two catch-ups per week and also use Slack to communicate when we are out of the office.

At the Monday meeting, we run through everything from our Long-term hire clients, through live jobs and on to upcoming work.

Tuesday - This Tuesday, a really interesting brief has come in from VICE media publishers. They have a brief and strong creative direction for their activation. We get the team together that after to brainstorm ideas.

Wednesday - We prepare a deck for the brief, pull together our best photo experience ideas and add in any ways we can improve the results of the activity by increasing ROI, cut-through or engagement.

We currently have long term installs in London Dungeons and Junk Yard Golf Club, as well as Team Sport go-Karting. This is a really great way to engage customers all year round and have a constant stream of content featuring your brand. As the GIF booth software is our own we can accommodate tweaks and developments required by our clients

Thursday - We have our Production Meeting to chat through up-coming activations and logistics. We have an install for Ralph Lauren this week in Paris it’s a chance for a final run-through of logistics and installation requirements.

Friday - It’s the install day. Two of the team are flying to Paris to install at Galleries Lafayette for the Ralph Lauren Holiday shop.

Thank you for reading the if you would like to find out more about LOOKLOOK, please visit our website - looklook.co.uk.

Frances Spencer-Barton

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