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Creative Edinburgh's Awards and 5th birthday bash- nominations open!

As we open nominations for 2016’s Creative Edinburgh Awards, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on who the awards are for and why they exist: to celebrate, promote and highlight the amazing talent of our city and the strength of our community.

Creative companies now account for just over 5% of the economy, continually showing strong growth even in uncertain financial times. They inject our national landscape with vibrancy, intellect and originality, providing a dynamic facet to the UK’s skill set.

Every day we connect and collaborate with creatives who have a vital impact on the cultural, creative and economic development of Edinburgh- from students to freelancers, agencies, organisations and more. All work in unique and inspiring ways, achieving amazing things both nationally and internationally. To celebrate and showcase this, we host an annual awards series for creatives either based in Edinburgh or with a connection to the city; the awards span City, Collaboration, Commercial, Creativity, Independent, Leadership, Social, Startup and Student categories- as suggested by our experienced and dedicated Steering Group.

The awards are open to all Edinburgh based creative and tech individuals and businesses; we aim to celebrate members and non-members alike from a variety of backgrounds. The awards highlight innovative thinking, great ideas and innovative work, no matter how big or small. They are as much about an intriguing process as they are about an outcome. Enter yourself or nominate a person, business or organisation who you think deserves to be recognised for their outstanding contribution to the creative industries. The categories are as follows:

The City Award

This category is looking for an outstanding creative contribution or activity that has promoted Edinburgh nationally or indeed, internationally, or work that has incorporated or utilised an Edinburgh city space or cultural idea specific to the city.

Last year’s winner: Neu! Reekie!, Scotland's "favourite noise makers" who bring together poetry, short film, spoken word and more.

The Collaboration Award

This category is looking for an outstanding creative collaboration between two or more organisations or individuals.

Last year’s winner: Edinburgh Napier University - BA (Hons) Photography and St David's RC High 'High School Resilience Project’ which broght together two different schools to create a series of photographs representing the eight pillars of resilience.

The Commercial Award

This category is looking for an outstanding commercial creative contribution or activity from an agency, partnership, organisation, collective or company.

Last year’s winner: Something Something 'Tennent's Lager Wellpark', a seies of short films showcasing Scotland's best hidden gems, colloquialisms and quirks.

The Creativity Award

This category is looking for a one off creative work or initiative, but the judges will have to consider it outstanding to win. Financial gain need not be the primary motivator in this category. In other words, it could simply be 'art' or a creative work undertaken to explore or express new ideas or talent.

Last year’s winner: Alasdair Thomson, creator of breathtakingly beautiful decorative stonework.

The Independent Award

This category is looking for an outstanding contribution or activity from a professional individual. To enter you must be a registered creative business, sole trader or freelancer.

Last year’s winner: Judy R Clark, fashion designer extraordinaire whose timeless womenswear has an innovative and unexpected edge.

The Leadership Award

This award recognises an outstanding individual for their leadership and contribution to their sector, or the creative industries as a whole.

Last year’s winner: Faith Liddell, previously Director and creative maverick behind Festivals Edinburgh.

The Social Award

This category is looking for an outstanding creative contribution or activity that benefits or contributes to a group or interest.

Last year’s winner: Conversations for Change, whose work brought mental health to the forefront of everyday conversation.

The Startup Award

This category is looking for an outstanding creative contribution or activity from a newly registered company (less than 3 years).

Last year’s winner: Something Something, who bagged a double whammy thanks to the undeniable strength of their newly formed agency.

The Student Award

This category is looking for an outstanding student creative contribution or activity from a full or part time student engaging in a creative discipline.

Last year’s winner: Jack Lennie ‘Tinker', whose open source cafe racer blew the judges away.

Full details on how to enter or nominate an individual, business or organisation for an award can be found here. The deadline for entries is 5pm on Monday 10th October and the winners will be announced at our awards & 5th birthday bash on 10th November; tickets on sale now.

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