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Get to grips with User Experience Design

User Experience (UX) Design is about empathetically creating products that are accessible and finely tuned to people’s needs. There is unquestionable value in being able to design something that you know your target market will love, a critical outcome in today's highly competitive digital market. That’s why UX design is an increasingly in-demand skillset.

Having a command of UX design methodology enables a designer, developer or product manager to systematically marry user needs with business goals so that your organisation (or your client) can create more useful and accessible products. This significantly increases your chances of seeing a return on investment from your design.

Recognising the importance of such skills, CodeClan are delighted to offer a special discount on our upcoming User Experience Design course, running from 9-11th May at our CodeClan Edinburgh campus, and 27-29th June at our CodeClan Glasgow campus. The course is popular with freelancers, marketers, designers, and entrepreneurs looking to upskill and add UX to their skillset.

Here are four common UX methods that we’ll be teaching in our course:

  1. Target group analysis - the creation of proto-personas, personas, user journey mapping and user need mapping
  2. Interface design and sketching (including wireframing)
  3. Planning and facilitating user testing
  4. Gathering informed participant feedback

Five benefits of picking up UX design skills:

  1. You’ll better understand business and user needs, and therefore design products, websites or software that matches the expectations of organisations and their clients
  2. You’ll increase customer satisfaction by growing your base of happy customers who are less frustrated with the way your website or software works
  3. You’ll reduce the cost of technical bug fixing, by eliminating problems before they occur
  4. You’ll reduce the cost of customer support by incorporating a better quality of self-service into your product
  5. You’ll have the ability to look at websites and apps with fresh eyes and understand how human emotions and behaviour shape interaction with technology

To make the most of the course's reduced rate of £650 (down from the advertised price of £975), simply use code 'UXSPRING' when booking here.

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