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Mentoring Programme Open for applications!

Are you keen to meet a mentor who has successfully built a business in your sector, or do you want to connect with someone who can help guide your marketing strategy? Perhaps you just need a knowledgeable fellow creative to bounce ideas off as you continue on your own journey.

Whatever your needs, Creative Edinburgh's mentoring scheme will aim to pair you up with someone that can help support you.

What is mentoring and why is it useful?

The Creative Edinburgh Mentoring scheme aims to support people with a creative practice to reach their goals and build confidence in their ideas and passions by connecting them with industry professionals.

Creatives are often used to supporting one another through the exchange of skills, knowledge and best practice. Mentorship makes this process a little more formal and can be instrumental in helping you decide on the next move in your career.

With the support of a Creative Edinburgh mentor, mentees have the opportunity to set and achieve goals, gain confidence, reflect, become inspired and potentially learn from their mentor’s experiences. Mentors can develop and advance their skills, engage in the community and discover new resources themselves.

What is a mentor?

A mentor at Creative Edinburgh is someone who would like to pay their knowledge forward into the wider community. Mentors take time to get to know their mentee and the challenges they face, and use their understanding and experience to support, guide and inspire their mentee. A mentor is able to share industry tips and context, and guide their mentees in setting goals, and keep them accountable.

What is a mentee?

A mentee is someone who would like to progress in their creative practice or career and would benefit from the support, knowledge and guidance of an industry professional. This would ideally be someone who is committed to their personal and professional growth and is ready to work out what their next steps are. A mentee may want to build confidence, set focused and tangible goals and be willing to be challenged and motivated to learn from someone who can offer different perspectives and approaches. This process requires you to take time out of your daily life and there will be further opportunities for it if now isn't the right moment for you.

Mentoring vs Coaching

Often people can get confused between mentoring and coaching. To put it into perspective, mentoring involves the passing on of industry knowledge, skills and/or experience, and guiding others on practical ways to grow in their practice. A mentor can help you gain more insight in your field and offer personalised advice.

Whilst, coaching involves a qualified coach who proposes questions and activities, to get their client to reflect, and gain a better understanding of themselves and their practice. Coaches are skilled in drawing knowledge out of clients themselves and helping them to build confidence, essentially helping them help themselves.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor with Creative Edinburgh, apply here

For those interested in applying as a mentee, click here, applications close on the 30th June and reopens in the Autumn.

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