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Mentoring Scheme

"There is not ONE path. There is not even the RIGHT path. There is only YOUR path -- and you know it's yours by how it feels to you." - Sue Krebs

Have you always wanted a mentor, but didn't know where to look?

Creative Edinburgh's mentoring scheme is designed to find mentors for early and mid-career creatives with those who have the experience to help them overcome obstacles, be ambitious, and break through barriers - both actual and psychological - to progress their careers, businesses and dreams.

If you are a Creative Edinburgh Independent member you can access our mentoring scheme as part of your membership benefits.

Get in touch at mentoring@creative-edinburgh.com to find out more.

Are you mentor material?

If you think you fit the bill of being a mentor and would like to give back to the creative community, we'd love to hear from you. Whether you've faced down tough challenges, had a long career with a lot of wisdom to share, or you've faced down professional demons, we know you have something to offer Edinburgh's creative community.

We will provide high-quality mentor training and invite you to a mentor's get-together so that you can meet with others in our mentor network, to discuss, share and reflect: and the wine will be on us.

Our past and current mentor list includes some of Edinburgh's most interesting, tenacious, influential and inspiring creatives so you'll be in good company.

If you'd like to become a mentor, contact Creative Edinburgh's director Yasmin at yasmin@creative-edinburgh.com to get the ball rolling.

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