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Lisa Edwards, Impact Arts

Can you tell us about yourself and your creative background?

I studied Tapestry at Edinburgh College of Art. I have always been passionate about creativity, colour, pattern and people! Like most Impact Arts employees I’ve had a few different rolls in the organisation, I was a tutor on an interior design project called Fab Pad, a lead tutor on bespoke projects and I am now a Programme Manager. I might do less hands-on creative work now, but I get to think creatively to design and implement innovative programmes! I love working with young people and using the arts to help them develop and change the direction of their lives.

What does your role involve working at Impact Arts?

I oversee all the programmes that are run in the Edinburgh area. We run Gallery 37 - a summertime arts programme, Impact 66 and Creative Pathways - two youth employability programmes, Craft Café - our older peoples arts and crafts workshops and any commissioned work we have, which varies from delivering team days for other organisations to building sets and costumes for theatre! I am also currently managing our Community Jobs Scotland staff teams across Edinburgh and Glasgow Glasgow Creative Pathways.

Can you give us a wee insight in to what Impact Arts do?

Impact Arts is a national community arts charity and social enterprise. Using the arts and creativity, we provide inspirational spaces, transformational training and innovative experiences to individuals and communities. We work with people of all ages across Scotland, enabling them to use the arts and creativity to change their lives.

What makes Edinburgh a good city to be based?

Edinburgh is such a vibrant and dynamic city, the creative possibilities are endless! The programmes Impact Arts deliver in Edinburgh provide a way into areas of creativity for young people which they may not have had the opportunity to be involved in before. There is a real festival vibe as Edinburgh hosts so many festivals across the year. We have taken part in the Edinburgh Fringe for several years and last year seen us put on our very first Fringe show in our office/workshop space. The area of growth of the creative industries is rising and Edinburgh’s creative college courses solidify opportunities for young people to move into creative jobs, Impact Arts love being a part of these young peoples creative journey.

What advice would you give to people thinking of pursuing a career in the creative industry?

We believe anyone can be creative and do our best to nurture that talent by offering entry-level positions for creative young people and volunteers. Keep your eyes peeled on our website if this is of interest to you. The creative industries are growing so I would encourage anyone with an interest to pursue their dreams!

For more information about Impact Arts, please visit http://www.impactarts.co.uk/

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