Creative Edinburgh launches new membership packages that reflect the vibrance of the city's creative community

14 March 2023

Creative Edinburgh, the city's largest network of more than 5,500 creatives, has launched a range of new membership packages.

Since April 2020, the organisation has scaled back its paid membership options due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The new packages aim to support creatives in Edinburgh at each stage of their career.

Among the existing Core (free) membership, there are new premium tiers tailored to students, freelancers, professionals and businesses. The wide-ranging benefits include discounted tickets, bespoke career guidance and hotdesking deals.

"Creative Edinburgh is a one stop shop for creative practitioners in Edinburgh and beyond. Our members span all creative sectors and they are genuine change makers: developing, championing and influencing creative practice, as well as contributing to research and high-impact campaigns," says Ola Wojtkiewicz, Executive Director at Creative Edinburgh.

"Your membership fee will be invested back into the creative community of Edinburgh through various initiatives, including mentorship bursaries and free tickets to events for those who need them most. It will also provide invaluable support for the small Creative Edinburgh team’s important advocacy work, research and ongoing nurturing of creative practice in the city."

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