Meet the 2023 Mentees: Megan Channell

23 January 2024

Megan Channell has worked in the entertainment industry in New York City and has a varied background of acting, producing and development.

She moved to Scotland last year and is now shifting her focus to directing - a new city and a new career path are two very good reasons to get a mentor! Here's what Megan has to say about her experience so far.

What were your initial expectations/plans when joining the programme?

I was looking for someone to share their experience within the industry and act as a sounding board for new ideas and areas for growth.

Share a standout moment or experience from the programme.

My mentor has been generous with his time and energy, he invited me onto one of his latest projects and I got to spend the day shadowing the film's director. This was invaluable, I have a lot of set experience but was always working; it was a privilege to have the time and opportunity to simply observe and ask questions. Everyone was so generous with their knowledge!

Describe your relationship with your mentor. What did you find most valuable about working with them?

My mentor’s been great in guiding me on practical matters such as director's reels and for having in-depth discussions on the work. Overall, I found this experience to be very positive. After working in the industry for over 15 years I feel so lucky that there’s still so much to learn and unearth as I redirect my focus. This programme has allowed me to do that in the most authentic way possible. I am so creatively fulfilled by my time on and off set with my Mentor and I would absolutely recommend this programme to anyone looking to further their creative and professional goals. 

How has the mentor's guidance influenced your creative approach/goals?

My mentor has helped me understand the landscape of production in Scotland and the opportunities and options available as a creative.

Why do you think mentoring and programmes like this are important for early career/emerging creatives? What makes this programme unique?

So much of being an early career, especially in the creative industries is the "lonely work," all the planning, learning, and putting yourself out there hoping something lands. Having guidance during this time is essential to stay focused on what's actionable and to understand what are just growing pains. I also appreciate how available Eva and CE were in checking in and providing guidance if needed.

How do you believe the experiences gained from this mentorship programme will influence your career and creative trajectory moving forward?

On the ground experience is invaluable for this type of work, and the ability to have a mentor that I can go to with questions while navigating a shift in my career has been indispensable. It has also been a great opportunity to network and meet with other creatives in the field. 

Have you got any exciting projects/news that you would like to share with the community?

One of my latest projects, a short called Eulogy, is premiering at the Catalina Film Festival in LA this month; it's my first film festival as a writer/director!


The Creative Edinburgh Mentoring Programme is open for applications until January 30 2024. Apply here.